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 (mā′tər-lĭngk′, mĕt′ər-, mä-tĕr-lăN′), Count Maurice 1862-1949.
Belgian writer of poetry, a wide variety of essays, and symbolic dramas, including Pelléas et Mélisande (1892). He won the 1911 Nobel Prize for literature.
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(ˈmeɪtəˌlɪŋk; French mɛtɛrlɛ̃k)
(Biography) Comte Maurice (mɔris). 1862–1949, Belgian poet and dramatist, noted particularly for his symbolist plays, such as Pelléas et Mélisande (1892), which served as the basis for an opera by Debussy, and L'Oiseau bleu (1909). Nobel prize for literature 1911
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(ˈmeɪ tərˌlɪŋk, ˈmɛt ər-)

Comte Maurice, 1862–1947, Belgian poet, playwright, and essayist: Nobel prize 1911.
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Noun1.Maeterlinck - Belgian playwright (1862-1949)Maeterlinck - Belgian playwright (1862-1949)  
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I suppose I have not been a great reader of the drama, and I do not know that I have ever greatly relished any plays but those of Shakespeare and Goldoni, and two or three of Beaumont and Fletcher, and one or so of Marlow's, and all of Ibsen's and Maeterlinck's.
If you are agreed, say, in admiring Meredith, Hardy, Omar Khayyam, and Maeterlinck,--to take four particularly test-authors,--there is nothing to prevent your marrying at once.
It was a deliberate attack on the mysticism of the Maeterlinck school - an attack from the citadel of positive science upon the wonder-dreamers, but an attack nevertheless that retained much of beauty and wonder of the sort compatible with ascertained fact.
The case of the comical pieces Le Miracle de saint Antoine by Maeterlinck and Pan by Van Lerberghe, staged in Latvia respectively in 1920 and 1925, is special because the two authors in the 1920s enjoyed a fame acquired by their symbolist works which did not contribute to the understanding of the irony of these, but perplexed both critics and the spectators.
The title page indicates that this collection was "Inspired by the Maurice Maeterlinck Play." While this might be interesting to those of us who remember Maeterlinck from our music history days, I imagine the allusion will go over the heads of the students for whom this work is intended.
They cover varieties of speech act norms, commitment and obligation in speech act theory; coordination and norms in illocutionary interaction; speech acts in discourse; silence as speech action, silence as non-speech action: a study of some silences in Maeterlinck's Pelleas et Melisande; the dynamics of conversation: a case study of fixing the force in irony; forms of aggressive speech actions in public communication; a theory that beats a theory: lineages, the growth of signs, and dynamic legal interpretation; and whether implicative verbs presuppose triggers: evidence form Polish.
Eminent writer Prof Mirza Ather Baig said the Dramatics Club had selected plays written by acclaimed writers such as Ismat Chughtai, Imtiaz Ali Taj and Maurice Maeterlinck as well as a student, Mahmood Noon, to encourage the emerging writer.
answers WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Maurice Maeterlinck; A tropical bird; Glastonbury; 1628.
HHHHI Debussy's Pelleas et Melisande is an opera designed to leave us puzzling, as is Maeterlinck's symbolist play which is its source.
di Maurice Maeterlinck, L'intelligence des fleures del 1907, La vie
The production from Opera de Nice by Rene Koering was a convincing minimalist staging in grey tones, but it was the lighting and video projections by Patrick Meeiis and Brice Bouviala that illustrated Maeterlinck's poetic libretto.