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Noun1.Mafa - a Chadic language spoken south of Lake ChadMafa - a Chadic language spoken south of Lake Chad
Biu-Mandara - a group of Chadic languages spoken in the border area between Cameroon and Nigeria south of Lake Chad
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The attack on Azaya Kura village occurred on a busy market day, Shettima Lawan, chairman of Mafa district council said by telephone.
Finally, Mafa (2003) measured high concentrations of dissolved organic carbon in wells downgradient of latrines, which might contribute to reducing conditions and elevated dissolved iron concentrations (Zingoni et al.
Those cells doubled the amount of the good protein MafA and generated much more insulin, showing that miR-30d works at least in part by activating MafA in the pancreas.
I was quite amazed that the Mafa accurately categorized basic emotions in pieces of Western music on the first listen," Fritz says.
7) Suffixal labial and palatal prosodies in Mafa (Barreteau 1987, 1990; Ettlinger 2004)
The Bible also includes more than 50 pages of full-color pictures and illustrations, some being original art reproductions--maps, original slave songs and selected articles--taken from the Mafa tribe collection in Cameroon, Africa.
Player of the tournament Aberavon wing Richard Carter and Fili Mafa both got a brace of tries as the Wizards went on to claim the pounds 5,000 prize.
Between bloomery and blast furnace: Mafa iron-smelting technology in North Cameroon," African Archaeological Review 7 (1989): 183-208, and the article on "Early Iron Smelting in Central Africa" by F.
The new OSS Services division is led by Mafa Amr, who held previous management positions at Windward IT Solutions and Booz Allen Hamilton.
Heavily armed Boko Haram gunmen invaded the town of Mafa, in Borno state, on Friday through Saturday and seized 30 boys and girls, local leaders said.