v. i.1.To stammer.
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The contract concerns the disposal of sludge produced by the transhennuyre water treatment plant, as well as the possible disposal of sludge from the smaller treatment centers listed below: wiers, leuze, celles, erbaut, moustiers, hensies , the roeulx, roisin, pic au vent and maffle.
Mafflard A stammering or blundering fool The noun derives from the verb maffle, a regional term in Scotland and England meaning "to stammer, to speak indistinctly or mumble".
What do stingo, fopdoodle and maffle all have in common?
- rue de la Fosse 56 to 7810 Maffle: archiving center,
Louis Cathy 140-7331 Baudour: Consultations and lab- Rue Maria Thomee 1-7800 Ath: Hospital- Rue de France 9-7370 Dour: Polyclinic- Rue de la Fosse 56-7810 Maffle: Archiving Centre- Ath Floor 18-7850 Marcq (new risk for rent): self-dialysis, nephrology consultationsEpiCURA employs 2,573 workers (2,243 FTE contract).