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Relating to or containing a group of dark-colored silicate minerals, composed chiefly of magnesium and iron, that occur in igneous rocks, including hornblende, pyroxene, olivine, and biotite.

[ma(gnesium) + Latin f(errum), iron + -ic.]


(Geological Science) a collective term for minerals present in igneous rock
(Geological Science) relating to igneous rocks or silicate minerals


(ˈmæf ɪk)

of or pertaining to rocks rich in dark, ferromagnesian minerals.
[1910–15; ma(gnesium) + Latin f(errum) iron + -ic]
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The company president and chief executive officer, Mike Muzylowski, said, 'These sulphides, hosted in mafic rock on folded structures north of the Fox River Sill, are compelling.
33g/t Au from 66 metres are hosted in a brecciated mafic rock unit, indicating a strongly mineralised primary gold system at depth.
Analogs of basalt-rhyolite systems experimentally studied by Huppert and Sparks (1988) showed that fingers of hot mafic rock rise through the overlying salic melt carrying salic material along with them.
This field scale injection of CO2-charged waters is designed to study the feasibility of storing permanently CO2 in mafic rocks and to optimize associated industrial techniques.
Petrology of mantle peridotites and intrusive mafic rocks from the Kermanshah Ophiolitic Complex (Zagros Belt, Iran): implications for the geodynamic evolution of the Neo-Tethyan oceanic branch between Arabia and Iran, J.
The Bedonia Project is underlain by rocks of the Proterozoic Mount Andrews Migmatites and contains a number of magnetic features (ten current targets) that may be related to intrusive mafic rocks (the host rocks for the Nova nickelcopper discovery).
Rare earth elements in ultramafic and mafic rocks and their minerals; minor and accessory minerals.
The mineralisation is hosted in weakly sheared mafic rocks with quartz veining and silicification.
Jim's Find is a virgin discovery and manifests as a mineralised shear zone in mafic rocks.
Chemical signatures from its plume indicated that its source is mafic rocks, so named because they are rich in magnesium and iron (ferric), which are typically formed by lava erupting at the seafloor.