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(ˌmɑ gəˈdɑn)

a city in the NE Russian Federation in Asia, on the Sea of Okhotsk. 138,000.
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The accident took place 300 kilometers off Magadan town in Russia's fareast early on Thursday, Interfax news agency quoted a source from the Ministry of Emergency Situations as saying.
According to initial information, 40 injured people will be evacuated to a hospital by helicopter," Magadan district press office said in a statement, adding that they had not taken part in the rescue operations due to the remoteness of the trawler at the time of its sinking.
Nearly 4,000 miles east of Moscow, on a hill above the city of Magadan, a lonely concrete monument recalls the victims of the Gulag.
He was trying to reach people trapped on the 4th floor of a block of flats in the east Siberian city of Magadan on Thursday.
A Magadan, dans l'Extreme-Orient russe, la temperature minimale nocturne s'est etablie dans la nuit de lundi a mardi a -51A, et les cours dans plusieurs ecoles y ont ete annules en raison du froid.
Anchorage has five other Sister Cities: Chitose, Japan; Incheon, Korea; Magadan, Russia; Tromso, Norway; and Whitby, England.
Braving temperatures as low as minus 50, Byrne and Parsons will endure more than 2,000 km of treacherous roads, spartan accommodations, and questionable food on their way from Yakutz, the coldest city in the world, along the infamous M56 Kolyma Highway to Magadan.
Fire hazards of level 4 and 5 are also reported in some regions of Sakhalin, the Magadan region and the Khabarovsk territory.
The areas to be explored are supposed to be Perseevskoye, Admiralteyskoye and Pakhtusovskoye oilfields in the Barents Sea and one of the Magadan fields in the Okhotsk Sea.
All five people aboard were killed RUSSIA An unidentified survivor of an oil drilling platform Kolskaya is evacuated from a ship Magadan to a helicopter in the Sea of Okhotsk.
GROUP 3 winners Cat Junior and Magadan have been bought by Manuel Ahres's Genes Diffusion, under which they are set to take up stud duties for the 2012 season.
BOSTON - Red Sox hitting coach Dave Magadan told 11-year-old Wayne Carey of Shrewsbury that he wanted to put him in the starting lineup for last night's game against the San Diego Padres.