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(ˌmɑ gəˈdɑn)

a city in the NE Russian Federation in Asia, on the Sea of Okhotsk. 138,000.
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Polyus Zoloto OAO (PLZL) is developing the gold ore processing plant in the region of Magadan, Russia.
In addition to his "Mask of Sorrow" -- which stands in Magadan, Russia, to honor gulag victims -- Neizvestny has large-scale works at the site of the former Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz, the United Nations in Geneva and the Vatican.
Costa Rica is the first international destination Alaska has launched since 1991, when the Seattle-based airline introduced seasonal service to Magadan, Russia.
Tromso, Norway, followed Chitose, also in 1969, and in subsequent years relationships were formalized with Whitby, England; Darwin, Australia; Incheon, Korea; and most recently, in 1991, with Magadan, Russia.