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An ancient kingdom of northeast India. It was especially powerful from the fourth century bc to the fifth century ad, particularly under the emperor Asoka (third century bc).
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The trivarga doctrine is used as a strategy by King Sreniya of Magadha (10.28), a friend of Suddhodana.
The expansion of the Aryan dominance eastwards killed the Magadha (Pataliputra) value-system that had refused to accept caste divisions, social inequality, rituals of sacrifice, multiplicity of gods, imposed sacred scriptures.
It is also mentioned in the travel accounts of Faxian and Xuanzang, who came to Magadha, an important destination of the Silk Routes.
Per chance he met Mura and told her that he had found her son and a day will soon come when his own son would dismantle the Magadha kingdom and shall be the King of Magadha.
The language of the Mauryan Empire was Magadha. This is the reason why the Rakhine people say that every body spoke Magadha in the old days and now, only the birds do so.
He is presumed to have marched through Makran across the Indus where he was defeated by Chandragupta (the Raja of Magadha) in 305 BC, and forced to cede Makran along with several other provinces.
The claims of the Thai and Burmese Theravada traditions about Shakyamuni leaving Magadha to visit these territories in his lifetime (Sri Lanka has a similar myth) may be residues from Mon culture, but with no chronicles recording kings or polities, the political formations of ancient "Monland", before the intrusions of the Thais, Burmans and Khmers remain nebulous.
Meanwhile, 61-year-old Chan is seen as an archaeologist who seeks her help to find treasure from the Magadha era and they both travel back in time to find it.
Senior leaders of Bihar BJP also claimed the Samajwadi Party ( SP) had also commissioned a survey."Since the SP survey found the BJP strong in areas such as Tirhut,Mithila and Magadha,including Patna,there has been much consternation in the enemy camp," said a senior Bihar BJP functionary.
Anga, (Kolkata and Bangladesh), Kasha, (Varanasi/Banaras), Koala, (East Uttar Pradesh), Cedi, (Central Madhya Pradesh), Vats, (southern Uttar Pradesh), Mistaya, (Eastern Rajasthan and Western Madhya Pradesh), Shorten, (Indian Punjab), Ashman, (Central India-Eastern Maharashtra), Avanti, (Western and southern Madhya Pradesh), Gandhi, (Peshawar and northern Pakistan Punjab), Magadha, (Bihar and Bengal)