n.1.One who edits or writes for a magazine.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Ira Magaziner, a former policy adviser to president Bill Clinton who helped negotiate deals to bring the internet around the world, said he is optimistic that countries will find ways to keep the internet from fragmenting.
The literature on the Soweto Uprising points to the important role played by particular teachers in Soweto's classrooms, who encouraged political development and fomentation among their students (Brown 2016: 128-9; Magaziner 2010: 156-7; Glaser 2000: 162).
Rhode Island State Treasurer Seth Magaziner said that the latest proposal was still worth filing as a way of drawing attention to Facebook's problems and how to solve them.
Eric Holder, who now reassures doctors about the fairness of the Department of Justice, is the attorney who decided that there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Ira Magaziner for perjury.
State Treasurer Seth Magaziner says the reforms are saving the state and cities about $300 million per year, and he estimates that Rhode Island will be fully funding the pension by 2036.
Daniel Magaziner's THE ART OF LIFE IN SOUTH AFRICA focuses on one case study, the Ndaleni Art School.
Dr Jay Magaziner, Department Chair of Epidemiology and Public Health also said: 'His impressive track record in cancer research in complex and challenging populations and settings truly makes him a leader in the oncology field and worthy of this special award.'
The campaign's manifesto, "Putting People First," had been largely based on recent work by Robert Reich, Ira Magaziner, and other "Friends of Bill" who tilted left.
In a study of art education in South Africa under segregation and apartheid, Magaziner considers the community of artists and educators who came together at numerous places under the considerable cloud of white supremacy and structural poverty.
At Brown University, an ambitious student and political player named Ira Magaziner positioned himself as the only person who could negotiate between the black students, who were demanding change, and a feckless administration.