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 (măg′də-lā′nə, mäg′dä-lĕ′nä)
A river rising in the Andes of southwest Colombia and flowing about 1,610 km (1,000 mi) generally northward to the Caribbean Sea near Barranquilla.


(ˌmæɡdəˈleɪnə; -ˈliː-; Spanish maɣðaˈlena)
(Placename) a river in SW Colombia, rising on the E slopes of the Andes and flowing north to the Caribbean near Barranquilla. Length: 1540 km (956 miles)


(ˌmæg dəˈleɪ nə, -ˈli-)

a river in SW Colombia, flowing N to the Caribbean. 1060 mi. (1705 km) long.
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Noun1.Magdalena - a river that rises in the Andes mountains in southwestern Colombia and flows generally northward to empty into the Caribbean Sea at BarranquillaMagdalena - a river that rises in the Andes mountains in southwestern Colombia and flows generally northward to empty into the Caribbean Sea at Barranquilla
Colombia, Republic of Colombia - a republic in northwestern South America with a coastline on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea; achieved independence from Spain in 1821 under the leadership of Simon Bolivar; Spanish is the official language
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I have another book, too, which I shall call 'Metamorphoses, or the Spanish Ovid,' one of rare and original invention, for imitating Ovid in burlesque style, I show in it who the Giralda of Seville and the Angel of the Magdalena were, what the sewer of Vecinguerra at Cordova was, what the bulls of Guisando, the Sierra Morena, the Leganitos and Lavapies fountains at Madrid, not forgetting those of the Piojo, of the Cano Dorado, and of the Priora; and all with their allegories, metaphors, and changes, so that they are amusing, interesting, and instructive, all at once.
Police confirmed yesterday that Magdalena Lesicka, 31, of Beaford Road, Wythenshawe, had been charged with murder.
En la original ceremonia, destaco la indumentaria de la madre del principe, Sofia, vestida con traje regional; y hubo doble anecdota familiar: el creciente protagonismo de Estelle y la ausencia de los hijos de Magdalena de Suecia
Notes: any further details contact magdalena lucero, phone: 212-306-3825, email: magdalena.
Mum Anna's lifelong friend Magdalena Pyrc told the Irish Daily Mirror: "After all this chemotherapy and radiotherapy they will have to go for expensive treatment not available in Ireland.
Es el caso de la delegacion La Magdalena Contreras en la Ciudad de Mexico.
The accidents took place less than a month apart, on May 5 and June 1, and affected different rivers: the Magdalena, roughly 70 kilometers west of San Salvador, the capital; and the Las Canas, north of the city, near Apopa.
com/ magdalena; 0844 493 0120) offers seven nights at the four-star Magdalena Grand (B&B) from PS940 per person (two sharing) - saving PS300 per couple.
EL MITO CRISTIANO de Maria Magdalena ha fascinado enormemente a los pintores europeos.
Magdalena Luczak, 29, who was convicted of murder after the fouryear-old boy suffered "incomprehensible" cruelty, was found unresponsive in her cell at HMP Foston Hall in Derby at around 7.
After imposing a ban in February on trains crossing the town of Bosconia in Cesar province for a six-hour overnight period, the court has extended the restriction to Magdalena province, which the line also crosses.
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