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Of or relating to the last Upper Paleolithic culture of Europe, succeeding the Solutrean.

[French magdalénien, after La Madeleine, a prehistoric site of southwest France.]


(Archaeology) of or relating to the latest Palaeolithic culture in Europe, which ended about 10 000 years ago
(Archaeology) the Magdalenian culture
[C19: from French magdalénien, after La Madeleine, village in Dordogne, France, near which artefacts of the culture were found]


(ˌmæg dəˈli ni ən)

of or designating the final Paleolithic culture of much of W Europe, cl3,000–l0,000 b.c., notable for its artifacts and cave art.
[1880–85; < French magdalénien=Magdalen- from La Madeleine, the type site in SW France) + -ien -ian]
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Gery (1969) recognized eight faunistic regions: 1) Orinoco-Venezuelan; 2) Magdalenean; 3) Trans-Andean; 4) Andean; 5) Paranean; 6) Patagonian; 7) Guianean-Amazonian and 8) East-Brazilian, formed by the Sao Francisco River, coastal rivers in northeastern Brazil above the Sao Francisco River and coastal rivers in southeastern Brazil.