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Noun1.Margaret Thatcher - British stateswoman; first woman to serve as Prime Minister (born in 1925)
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Like Maggie Thatcher, she was reduced to tears as she was forced to bring the curtains on what was three years of confusion and chaos.
Does anyone think that Maggie Thatcher would have made such a mess of things?
THIRTY-FIVE years ago when the oil started flowing, Maggie Thatcher told us we were no longer "the workshop of the world" as we couldn't compete with cheap labour from the Far East.
Years ago I said he couldn't read a nursery rhyme without mentioning Maggie Thatcher's name but it would appear he has now found two avowed replacements in Jeremy Hunt and Jacob Rees-Mogg, the latter, I suspect, because he is a toff.
Rod, 72, who also had a huge hit with Maggie May, added: "It's funny, there was PM Maggie Thatcher, now we've got Theresa May - Maggie May ain't it?" He also met Prince William at the awards in London.
SIR - I struggle to believe that so many so-called socialist and working classes have turned to Ukip - Ukip a party made up mostly of Thatcher's and right-wing supporters and money-givers, their leader was a strong supporter of Maggie Thatcher.
Meet the Real Maggie Thatcher, which will perform at Liverpool Small Cinema, Victoria Street on Thursday, is a "frank, powerful and engaging" insight into one of the most notorious and divisive Prime Ministers in UK history.
For the first 10 years of a Labour government, Labour in Wales still blamed Maggie Thatcher. While similar Labour areas in England who were also affected by Tory cuts, job losses and high unemployment raced ahead of Wales.
AUDIENCES are being invited to Meet the Real Maggie Thatcher in a production touring the UK this summer.
This tactic, with a dash of poetic licence, has a history, of course--think Maggie Thatcher, purloiner of children's dairy products--and the Eye would be pleased to see a revival of the practice.
* LOVE her or hate her, Maggie Thatcher defined - and defied - a generation of Brits.
Surely this negates the constant theory put forward by the Labour Party bigots here in the North East that the blame lies firmly at the feet of Maggie Thatcher? But then again, are these not the same delusional brain washed activists who have tried for years to cloud everyone's judgment with their fairy stories and constant attacks on other political parties in an attempt to cover up Labour's failings?