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or Ma·ghrib  (mŭg′rəb)
A region of northwest Africa comprising the coastlands and the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

Ma′ghreb·i adj.


(ˈmʌɡrəb) or


(Placename) NW Africa, including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and sometimes Libya
[from Arabic, literally: the West]


or Ma•ghrib

(ˈmʌg rəb)

NW Africa, considered to include Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and sometimes Libya.
Ma′ghre•bi, n., pl. -bis, -bi, adj.
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Noun1.Maghreb - the region of northwest Africa comprising the Atlas Mountains and the coastlands of Morocco and Algeria and TunisiaMaghreb - the region of northwest Africa comprising the Atlas Mountains and the coastlands of Morocco and Algeria and Tunisia
Algeria, Algerie, Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria - a republic in northwestern Africa on the Mediterranean Sea with a population that is predominantly Sunni Muslim; colonized by France in the 19th century but gained autonomy in the early 1960s
Al-Magrib, Kingdom of Morocco, Maroc, Marruecos, Morocco - a kingdom (constitutional monarchy) in northwestern Africa with a largely Muslim population; achieved independence from France in 1956
Republic of Tunisia, Tunisia - a republic in northwestern Africa on the Mediterranean coast; achieved independence from France in 1956; "southern Tunisia is mostly desert"
Africa - the second largest continent; located to the south of Europe and bordered to the west by the South Atlantic and to the east by the Indian Ocean
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In line with the new constitution, the Moroccan diplomacy puts priority on reinvigorating the Maghreb, added the Minister, who was taking part in a conference themed "the five liberties in the Maghreb, an integration vision," held by the Tunisian presidency.
Summary: Libya has waved entry fees on Maghreb Union citizens who visit the country.
The motion adopted by the European Parliament on the establishment of a privileged partnership between the EU and the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) proposes the creation of structures for dialogue and reflection at the regional level within the Euro-Mediterranean inter-parliamentary Forum, notably in the form of regular working groups dedicated for example to resolving the conflict in the Western Sahara or addressing immigration issues.
After a brief overview of perspectives from the broader Arab World, the article will show how the formation of the Arab Maghreb Union and the internal crisis in Algeria has contributed to Morocco's apparent ability to sidestep its obligations under the Western Sahara peace agreement and successive United Nations Security Council resolutions.
TUNIS, (TAP) - Minister of Interior Hedi Majdoub stressed the need to establish a joint Maghreb strategy to combat religious extremism and Takfiri thinking, saying this phenomenon has spread in many countries including Maghreb countries.
A new report from Ericsson s ConsumerLab, "Internet goes mobile", analyzes trends in ICT usage in urban Maghreb confirming that the region is experiencing an ICT transformation.
Cette edition sera principalement axee sur les effets des politiques migratoires europeennes sur le Maghreb et les accords de partenariat et de mobilite entre l'UE, la Tunisie et le Maroc.
No one defended the Maghreb Union like the French President, Francois Hollande, did during his visit to Morocco.
Une trentaine d'entreprises algeriennes prendront part les 7 et 8 mars prochain a Paris a la 11e Convention France Maghreb, une rencontre annuelle visant a proposer des perspectives pour l'economie et les ressources humaines dans l'espace franco-maghrebin, a-t-on appris, vendredi, aupres des organisateurs.
Summary: According to a recent announcement by Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki during his first official visit to Algeria, Tunisia will soon host the revived Maghreb Summit.
RABAT, Feb 18 (KUNA) -- The leaders of the Arab Maghreb countries are set to hold a summit before the end of this year.