Magna Graecia

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Magna Grae·cia

The ancient Greek seaport colonies of southern Italy and Sicily from the eighth to the fourth century bc. Cumae and Tarantum (modern Taranto) remained significant after the decline of the other colonies.

Magna Graecia

(ˈmæɡnə ˈɡriːʃɪə)
1. (Historical Terms) (in the ancient world) S Italy, where numerous colonies were founded by Greek cities
2. (Placename) (in the ancient world) S Italy, where numerous colonies were founded by Greek cities
[Latin: Great Greece]

Mag•na Grae•ci•a

(ˈmæg nə ˈgri ʃi ə)
the ancient colonial cities and settlements of Greece in S Italy.
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The second edition contains new chapters on the site of Poseidonia (Paestum) in Magna Graecia (Southern Italy), and the unusual temple of Zeus at Akragas (Agrigento) in Sicily.
Vitrine containing 19th/20th-century sculptures from Africa, a Corinthian helmet and reclining figure from Magna Graecia, both 5th century BC, and a relief from Saqqara; below: two Veracruz terracotta figures from Mexico
No al Carbone is a coordinating body of associations in the Magna Graecia area seeking the protection of public health and the environment.
4 units), for the University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro.
Department of Health Sciences, Magna Graecia University, Campus Salvatore Venuta, Viale Europa, Localita Germaneto, 88100 Catanzaro, Italy
Legend has it that, upon tasting melas zomos, a man from Sybaris, or the opulent, ancient city of Magna Graecia, remarked in disgust: "Now I know why the Spartans do not fear death.
1] Urology Unit, Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro, Catanzaro, Italy;
Women had no say in framing the sumptuary prescriptions in Athens or in Magna Graecia.
in Paestum, Metaponto, Siracusa, and other cities in Magna Graecia -- the ancient Greek settlements in southern Italy beginning in the eighth century BCE -- without momentarily wondering if the Greek period was the golden period in the Boot's history.
Research led by the University Magna Graecia in southern Italy showed that the could offer an effective alternative for people unable to tolerate statins, which have been hailed as a wonder drug for reducing cholesterol, the fat-like substance that furs up arteries, triggering heart attacks and strokes.
Cannataro and Guzzi (both computer engineering, Magna Graecia U.
Historian (Listed) and Grecian Slipper (dam of Gr3 winners Magna Graecia and Graikos).