Magnesium sulphate

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(Chem.) Same as Epsom salts.

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The vertically integrated project would produce cobalt chemicals for the rechargeable batteries market, as well as byproduct copper concentrate, copper sulphate, magnesium sulphate and gold.
Various adjuvants that can be added to local anaesthetics and administered in central neuraxial blockade are opioids, a-2 agonists, benzodiazepines, neostigmine, ketamine, adrenaline and magnesium sulphate.
5 kg), Boric Acid (250 gram), zink sulphate (250 gram), magnesium sulphate (300 gram) must be solved in 100 litre water and then spray it in one acre after every 12 days.
Objective: To evaluate the protection provided by magnesium sulphate on corticosteroid-induced testicular injury in albino rats.
Magnesium sulphate as an adjuvant to total intravenous anesthesia in septorhinoplasty: a randomized controlled study.
By what name is the chemical compound magnesium sulphate better known?
El estudio Magnesium sulphate for Prevention of Eclampsia (MAGPIE) demostro el efecto profilactico anticonvulsivante del sulfato de magnesio en preeclampsia y de igual forma se comenzo a descartar la idea de agente tocolitico (6).
Use of magnesium sulphate in the anaesthetic management of phaeochromocytoma: a review of 17 anaesthetics.
Magnesium sulphate inhibits catecholamine release from the adrenergic nerve terminals and from the adrenal medulla in vitro and magnesium sulphate has been used to attenuate adverse cardiovascular effects during laryngoscopy and intubation.
Sterile magnesium sulphate powder was applied over the mass (Fig.
Objective: To study the prophylactic effects of High Dose Magnesium Sulphate on Cardiac Arrhythmias, Cardiogenic shock and associated mortality in Cases of Aluminum Phosphide Poisoning.
Since the publication of the collaborative multicentre study on eclampsia in 1995, magnesium sulphate has remained the most ideal anticonvulsant drug for the treatment of eclampsia, with a maternal death rate of 4% (11,12).