Magnesium sulphate

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(Chem.) Same as Epsom salts.

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At flower stage, farmers should apply spray of 200 grams potassium nitrate, 300 grams magnesium sulphate, 250 gram zinc sulphate and 250 gm boric acid in 100-120 litre of water.
Sugammadex after magnesium sulphate administration in a morbidly obese patient undergoing general anaesthesia.
It means mothers-to-be who go into early labour - before 30 weeks - will be offered magnesium sulphate during their labour to help reduce the risk of cerebral palsy in their babies.
Many clinical trials on healthy individuals have shown that [[alpha].sub.2]-adrenergic receptor agonists, magnesium sulphate (8) are also effective in controlling these hemodynamic variations.
Analgesic effect ofintra-articular magnesium sulphate compared with bupivacaine after knee arthroscopic menisectomy.
but 4g Magnesium sulphate intravenous given additionally as above protocol when separated from CPB in group MM.
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Treatments 1, 4 and 10 which were Magnesium Sulphate (0.05%), Manganese Sulphate (0.1%) and Calcium Chloride (0.1%) respectively registered higher plant heights which were 26.5 cm, 27.3cm and 27cm respectively and Treatment 7 which was Sodium molybdate (0.05%) registered low plant height which was 19cm.
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