Magnetic element

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one of the hypothetical elementary portions of which a magnet is regarded as made up.

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She rebelled, as it were, against a certain magnetic element in the artist's nature, which he exercised towards her, possibly without being conscious of it.
However, corrosion resistance of the magnetic element themselves, and high cost and power absorption of the magnetic driven pumps are the major challenges present in the sealless pumps market.
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In these series we have thoroughly studied vortex flows and their statistical occurrences, horizontal velocities by measuring horizontal proper motions, divergence and vorticity; but we have also studied bright point statistics and magnetic field intensification, clearly highlighting the importance of the smallest-scale magnetic element observations.
The long shorted edge can make sure that the proposed antenna provides a single magnetic element, which produces vertical electric field.
In the constitutive matrix of (10), the first and last four rows indicate the circuit equations of first and last magnetic element; correspondingly, the 5th to 8th rows in (10) represent the second magnetic element; this part could be duplicated K - 3 times when the total element number is K.
Regarding the usage of magnetic ink, he said the it was prepared by the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR), which had the magnetic element. Its sample was sent to the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), which gave its approval.
Since the tangential electric field at each open aperture can be considered as a magnetic current, the Yagi array can be considered as a Yagi array of magnetic elements. With respect to the principle of duality to the classical electric dipole Yagi array, the parasitic magnetic element would act as a reflector when it has an additional capacitive component and it would act as a director when it has an additional inductive component.
The complete enclosure of the magnetic element prevents loss of magnetic strength from contact with surrounding equipment which would occur with the use of unprotected magnetic castings.
The Solus Topology integrates a conventional buck converter into a SEPIC converter to form a SEPIC-fed buck converter; a single stage topology with one magnetic element, one control switch and two commutation switches that are optimally controlled by pulse-width modulation (PWM).
The permanent magnetic element is of a Mega (10,500 gauss) or Xtreme [TM] (12,000 gauss) Rare Earth Strength, the selection of which depends on the type and quantity of contamination encountered.
We liked the addition of a magnetic element in the filter to collect ferrous metal particles and although Champion claimed that collected metal could put the filter into bypass, Tempest dismisses this.