Magnetic elements

(Chem. Physics) Those elements, as iron, nickel, cobalt, chromium, manganese, etc., which are capable or becoming magnetic.
(Physics) In respect to terrestrial magnetism, the declination, inclination, and intensity
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She rebelled, as it were, against a certain magnetic element in the artist's nature, which he exercised towards her, possibly without being conscious of it.
A self-leveling tank coupled with inter-pole magnetic elements provide optimal magnetite recovery.
In [5] experimental studies of the magnetic field induction distribution in the simplest case--for single and paired magnetic elements in various modules of magnetic separators were performed.
For the loading of the test carrier with the previously defined sequence of individual processing steps that Prozessierungsgert includes functional modules listed below - Module 1: Motor - drive and rotation of the test carrier;- Module 2: temperature control - temperature control of liquids in test carrier;- Module 3: Optical detection - reading optical signals in the test carrier;- Module 4: Magnet - Manipulation of magnetic elements in the test carrier.
The motor's rotor would be the only part attached to a pod and ride between the magnetic elements of a stator.
In this material, the magnetic elements constantly fluctuate, leading to an exotic state of fluid magnetism called a "quantum spin liquid.
Accidental ingestion of magnetic foreign bodies, which was once rare, has become more common owing to the increasing availability of toys with magnetic elements.
This high sensitivity has helped discover tiny features responsible for magnetism in a material made of non- magnetic elements.
Real-time compensation software Scintrex MEP-2110 is utilized to reduce noise of various magnetic elements, at 0.
In this design, the servo positioning system combines both optical and magnetic elements with a pivoting mechanism that protects the head and actuator from vibrations and lateral tape movement, delivering more accuracy and enabling higher track densities.
A percentage of the magnetic elements align to the applied field.