Magnetic iron

See Magnetite.
(Min.) Same as Magnetite.

See also: Iron, Magnetic

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Based on the results, the functionalization of nanoliposomes with magnetic iron nanoparticles facilitates drug delivery to the tumors.
Description: Manufactured From A High Purity, Magnetic Iron Ore, Virgin Sulfuric Acid, Water, And Liquid Oxygen Under A Patent By Kemiron Companies, Inc.
controls the emerging Millennium Iron Range, located in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador and in the Province of Quebec, which holds one of the world's largest undeveloped magnetic iron ore deposits.
All higher metals, for example, magnetic iron could, according to today's conception, only be formed in the inside of stars," Schlickeiser said.
Their topics include synthesizing and characterizing iron oxide ferrite nanoparticles and ferrite-based aqueous fluids, the functionalizing magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles, separating and characterizing magnetic particulate materials, putting therapeutic nanoparticles where they need to go by magnet systems design and control, and surgical magnetic systems and tracers for cancer staging.
The top of the chamber is a membrane made of PDMS impregnated with magnetic iron oxide particles, with a tiny laser-drilled hole in it.
Initial Exploration Target at Sequoia Prospect has been estimated to range between 40-80 million tonnes of magnetic iron mineralisation at an expected grade of 25-35% Fe over a 1 km strike length.
2009) Bulk amorphous soft magnetic iron based alloy with mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, Key Engineering Materials Vol.
As hot lava erupts, magnetic iron oxide crystals (magnetite) within it orient themselves to align with Earth's magnetic field.
A Japanese manufacturer of a coating for videotape pled guilty and was sentenced to pay a $5 million fine for its role in a conspiracy to fix the prices of and allocate customers for the sale of video magnetic iron oxide (MIO) particles in the United States and elsewhere.
The company mines and processes taconite, a rock containing up to 30% magnetic iron particles.
The facility serves a broad range of industries including agricultural, chemical, biotechnology, ceramics, coatings, cosmetics, electronics, food products, ink, magnetic iron oxides, minerals, paper, paint, pharmaceutical, semi-conductor and recycling, according to Gabriele Carroll, an application specialist who manages the new facility.