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Deformation of a material, especially a ferromagnetic material, exposed to a magnetic field. Rapidly alternating magnetostriction causes the iron cores of transformers to hum or buzz.

mag·ne′to·stric′tive adj.


(General Physics) a change in dimensions of a ferromagnetic material that is subjected to a magnetic field
[C19: from magneto- + constriction]
magˌnetoˈstrictive adj


(mægˌni toʊˈstrɪk ʃən)

a change in dimensions exhibited by ferromagnetic materials when subjected to a magnetic field.
mag•ne`to•stric′tive (-təˈstrɪk tɪv) adj.
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Since, in this case of study, we have two phases, one magnetized and the other nonmagnetized, the magnetostrictive effect should not be neglected.
If the pre-pressure applied is either too large or too small, the magnetostrictive effect of the GMM rod will be hindered.
Placing particles such as Terfenol-D in a polymeric resin will a magnetostrictive effect and at the same time reduce the disadvantages of the monolithic material.