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n.1.(Med.) The treatment of disease by the application of magnets to the surface of the body.
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The subject of the public contract is delivery of therapeutic laser, Therapeutic platforms for postural examination and therapy, Therapeutic loungers, Electrotherapeutic equipment, Whole body baths with water and air massages, Devices for functional therapy hk and dk, 3d pulse magnetotherapy, Shoulder motodlahy, Combined device for verticalization, Mobilization and proprioceptive stimulation, Ergonomic multifunctional chair, Devices for functional upper limb therapy, Motomedos for upper limbs and motomedic for lower limbs.
In parallel with physical therapy sessions, both groups followed physiotherapy procedures (ultrasound, short waves, interferential current, magnetotherapy etc.
A series of ten laser therapy, magnetotherapy and kinesiotherapy treatments were conducted.
It was proven in a single-blind, follow-up RCT that balneotherapy combined with magnetotherapy was superior to magnetotherapy alone in improving pain and function as well as the quality of life in patients with hand OA.
Szopinski covers Organ Electrodermal Diagnostics (OED), the first clinically proven noninvasive diagnostic tool, in detail as well as thermotherapy, phototherapy, ultrasoundtherapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, and mechanical nerve stimulation.
The Olympic Training Centre in Spala is regarded as one of the most advanced centres in Europe, with extensive sports facilities: an athletics stadium, a tennis court, basketball and volleyball courts, an indoor swimming pool, weights room, cryo-rehabilitation rooms, electrotherapy, physiotherapy and magnetotherapy rooms.
All coils are connected with the outputs of apparatus for magnetotherapy, which can be situated under the bed for magnetotherapy.
The neurologist discharged me six months after I started to use magnetotherapy and I have never looked back.
Following the introduction of fundamentals, he presents chapters discussing electrical properties and response characteristics of cells, tissues, and organs; electrotherapy and magnetotherapy comparisons; potential biological effects of subtle and not-so-subtle energy levels; primary design drivers of electrotherapeutic devices; simulation studies; electrotherapy clinical studies; and recent developments and trends.
Lowering of the level of negative residual effects of chemo-and radiotherapy combined with coded (multiple-frequency) magnetotherapy.
She then has a 15-minute session with her magno-cap, a metallic hat that gives her transcranial magnetotherapy.