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n.1.(Med.) The treatment of disease by the application of magnets to the surface of the body.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The number of studies including manipulation, chiropractic methods, biofeedback, hypnosis, sensory art treatments, and magnetotherapy is limited and there is insufficient scientific evidence in patients with FM.
Only patients treated with IPC after 4 weeks of treatment showed a recovery of 37.7%, whereas patients treated with electrotherapy and magnetotherapy with IPC reported an improvement of 76.3% (18).
An encouraging result which is the outcome of a carefully planned strategy focusing on consolidating existing markets, on a shrewd commercial policy of its Hilterapia[R], MLS[R] Laser Therapy and Magnetotherapy Qs devices in addition to developing high-performance new therapeutic solutions.
[57.] Zradzinski P, Karpowicz J, Gryz K, Leszko W [Evaluation of hazards caused by magnetic field emitted from magnetotherapy applicator to the users of bone conduction hearing prostheses].
Exposure scenario of magnetic field effects on a worker: a) the posture of worker who is leaning to the patient during magnetotherapy, b) magnetic field distribution in the function of distance from an applicator, for maximum settings of emitted magnetic field Ryc.
In parallel with physical therapy sessions, both groups followed physiotherapy procedures (ultrasound, short waves, interferential current, magnetotherapy etc.), mud baths specific to Techirghiol resort, hydrokinesiotherapy (20 minutes sessions, general mobilizations) and massage.
In the next set of experiments, we determined the effect of magnetotherapy on gene expression in the whole blood samples of NOS2 mRNA.
A series of ten laser therapy, magnetotherapy and kinesiotherapy treatments were conducted.
It was proven in a single-blind, follow-up RCT that balneotherapy combined with magnetotherapy was superior to magnetotherapy alone in improving pain and function as well as the quality of life in patients with hand OA.
Szopinski covers Organ Electrodermal Diagnostics (OED), the first clinically proven noninvasive diagnostic tool, in detail as well as thermotherapy, phototherapy, ultrasoundtherapy, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, and mechanical nerve stimulation.