Magnolia virginiana

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Noun1.Magnolia virginiana - shrub or small tree having rather small fragrant white flowersMagnolia virginiana - shrub or small tree having rather small fragrant white flowers; abundant in southeastern United States
magnolia - any shrub or tree of the genus Magnolia; valued for their longevity and exquisite fragrant blooms
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Two different Magnolia species (Magnolia grandifolia, smaller dark brown leaf above and Magnolia virginiana, larger blue leaf below).
Of the 30 plants in the winter-irrigated plot, Thuja occidentalis, Magnolia virginiana, Clethra alnifolia and Itea virginiana had an average decrease in total growth as a result of stem death or grazing by animals.
Magnolia virginiana, Nyssa sylvatica) and have observed this species roosting underneath concrete bridges.
When these bogs were first located, all were overgrown notably with such species as Persea palustris, Viburnum nudum, Toxicodendron vernix, and Magnolia virginiana due to fire suppression and were badly rutted due to logging activities.
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