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A Hindu goddess of fortune and beauty, often described as the consort of Vishnu and as a manifestation of Devi.

[Sanskrit Lakṣmī, from lakṣmī, token, sign, good sign, good fortune; akin to lakṣma, lakṣman-, sign, mark, of unknown origin.]


(Hinduism) Hinduism the goddess of wealth and prosperity, and the consort of the god Vishnu
[from Sanskrit Lāksmi, literally: wealth, splendour]
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Noun1.Lakshmi - Hindu goddess of fortune and prosperityLakshmi - Hindu goddess of fortune and prosperity
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Tenders are invited for Construction of Storm Water Drain, Culvert and Formation of BT Surface Road at Jawahar Nagar Main Road, Mahalaksmi Nagar Extn Main Road, Sornapuri Avenue 7th Street, Sornapuri Enclave Main Road, 5th and 6th Street in Ward No.
Consequently, Sakti, the spouse of Siva alone facilitated a synthesis of Mahakali (spouse of Siva), Mahalaksmi (spouse of Visnu) and Mahasarasvati (spouse of Brahma)--all merging into one in the concept of Narayani Sakti (Durga), the energy of Narayana, the adorable Lord of/in Vaisnavism.
and performed by Rahman, Sukhvinder Singh, Tanvi Shah, Mahalaksmi Iyver, and Vijay Prakash.
When the latter approached the highest Sakti-Devi asking for advice, she created Mahalaksmi to free Bhaktapur, Mahakali to free Kathmandu, and Mahasarasvati to free Patan.