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One of the major schools of Buddhism, traditionally active in much of Nepal, Tibet, and East Asia and emphasizing compassion and the possibility of universal salvation.

[Sanskrit Mahāyānam, greater vehicle (as contrasted with Hīnayānam, lesser vehicle; see Hinayana) : mahā-, great; see meg- in Indo-European roots + yānam, vehicle; see ei- in Indo-European roots.]

Ma′ha·ya′nist n.
Ma′ha·ya·nis′tic adj.
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Noun1.Mahayanist - an adherent of Mahayana BuddhismMahayanist - an adherent of Mahayana Buddhism  
Mahayana - a major school of Buddhism teaching social concern and universal salvation; China; Japan; Tibet; Nepal; Korea; Mongolia
adherent, disciple - someone who believes and helps to spread the doctrine of another
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60) However, this appears less unusual in view of the fact that even Nagarjuna's Mulamadhyamakakarika refers mostly to early Buddhist scriptures, although the main ideas that Madhyamaka texts communicate are apparently Mahayanist.
The New Buddhism, as reformation of Mahayanist Buddhism, making the above innovations of religious activities, introduced the following two major changes in the common people's daily livelihoods by recombination with not only affirmative feeling for this present world, but also views to see affinity and continuity between this world and the next world, penetrated in the ancient times of Japan:
Thresholds of Transcendence: Buddhist Self-Immolation and Mahayanist Absolute Altruism.
I will argue that imposing the Muchalinda legend on the older icon, which became the principal image of the pre-1300 Sanskrit Mahayanist Buddhism of the Khmer empire, is a misinterpretation arising from looking at the earlier images through a later Theravadin lens.
Thomas' ontology with Mahayanist tathagatagarba or sa CtanantarasiddinamaprakaraGa (Proof of Others' Continuums) of Dharmakirti with Wilhelm Schuppe's Solipsist.
12) Moreover, according to the seventh-century Chinese Buddhist monk, Yijing, Dvaravati was the country in which a famous Chinese Mahayanist monk named 'Mahayana Pradipa' or the 'Light of Mahayana' received his ordination.
In order to consider the validity of this "abundance" model, we need to examine how salvation is broadly understood in the Mahayanist traditions.
He replied, "I am searching for instructions, how to expound the Mahayanist doctrine.
176) The Mahayanist School acknowledges the Pali Canon, but also adds other transcriptions often written in Sanskrit.
This is somewhat of a revealing perception by a Mahayanist of Theravada which is the only extant example of so-called Hinayana Buddhism, largely believed to be other-worldly and anti-social.
But also in the Samyutta Nikaya [12:15], the Sasta (teacher himself has called exactly the Mahayanist so-called "Sophistic Nihilistic" view as the middle way (Majjena).
Mahayanist or Amidist forms, claiming minds by virtue of its idealism and