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also ma·hi ma·hi  (mä′hē-mä′hē)
n. pl. ma·hi-ma·his
2. The flesh of a dolphinfish when used for food.

[Hawaiian mahimahi.]


(Animals) another name for dolphin3
[C20: from Hawaiian, literally: strong-strong]
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Five frame/lens colors combos are available, including Mahi Mahi (Maui HT lens), Redfish (HCL Bronze lens) and Marlin (Neutral Grey lens).
Hence it is fortunate that there is a venue that offers a civilised solution to reconcile the primitive with the modern - Mahi Mahi.
Bradley Taylor, the Canadian-Grenadian chef-owner offers this popular mahi mahi take on a standard island fish.
Currents is offering cross-grilled fillets in wild-caught Salmon, wild-caught Mahi Mahi, lake-raised Tilapia and wildcaught Pollock.
Aheme said he was particularly pleased with the success of mahi mahi, which has a significant presence in the UK for the first time this spring.
Moreover, this is wild-caught seafood no fish farming here: salmon from Alaska; tuna and mahi mahi from the Pacific; and shrimp from the cold-water oceans.
Mahi Mahi Burgers are the latest addition to Eugene, Oregon-based Omega Foods' range of frozen fishery products, which includes Salmon Burgers and Tuna Burgers.
A single Baja Style Taco--chicken, shrimp, mahi mahi, steak, or breaded fish--keeps the calories in the 200s, the sat fat at two grams or less, and the sodium in the 300-to-500-mg range.
Guests enjoyed a wide choice of West Indian cuisine, including famous island dishes such as Bermuda Fish Chowder and Blackened Mahi Mahi with Creole Cream, as the highlight of the hotel's Caribbean week.
There's wahoo, mahi mahi, and tuna all year, but September and October are even better for mahi mahi, and the waters are teeming with wahoo in November.
So if a visit to the islands finds you craving his macadamia nut-crusted mahi mahi or jade pesto steamed monchong, you'll have to head north from Wailea to the town of Kihei, where your view from the restaurant will be of a shopping center parking lot and a Safeway.