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n.1.(Zool.) A South African lemur (Galago maholi), having very large ears.
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Chaubara mounds and mounds situated between Mathura and Maholi were also destroyed during this time.
The brawl started when Verma and Trivedi reached Maholi Tehsil office to distribute blankets among the needy.
Tenders are invited for Maintanice work under sdo maholi sitapur under edd i sitapur
Tenders are invited for prodviding disconnection gang for sdo maholi
Tenders are invited for tree cutting of 33/11 kv s/s ramkot nand maholi under edd-i sitapur
Gram maholi me nh 2 se gram maholi ki sema ki our khadnjha karya
Tenders are invited for Patch repair of mdr roads/odr roads/vr roads in block maholi
Tenders are invited for Renewel work with ordinary repair of maholi ka mazra quataran link road
Tenders are invited for Nagar panchayat maholi ke karyon hetu theka karmikon ki aapoorti
Tenders are invited for Nagar panchayat maholi ki seema ke antargat vibhinn sthano par 16mtr highmast light complete adhisthapan ka karya