Mehmed II

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Meh·med II

(mĕ-mĕd′) or Meh·met II (-mĕt′) also Mu·ham·mad II (mo͝o-hăm′ĭd, -hä′mĭd) Known as "the Conqueror." 1429?-1481.
Sultan of Turkey (1451-1481) and founder of the Ottoman Empire. He conquered Constantinople in 1453 and made it his capital.
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For instance, during the siege of Constantinople by Mahomet II., in 1453, stone shot of 1,900 pounds weight were employed.
Franz BABINGER, Mahomet II, le Conquerant et son temps (1432-1481).
When Gibbon describes Mahomet II on horseback directing the final siege of Constantinople from a beach on the Bosphorus, he provides a close-up of the sultan's body language, spurring his horse into the water and waving on his attacking soldiers.
The Sultan in the time of Innocent VIII (1484-92) was Bajaret, son of Mahomet II. Bajaret's brother Djem challenged him, and was defeated at Yeni Shehr.
Reading him a lesson in sceptical idealism and the Pythagorean art of memory, he raises the ghost of Mahomet II, who is nothing more, in fact, than a fancy of the Sultan's fevered imagination.
If I imagine being Sultan Mahomet II, I identify with him in such a way as to imagine from the inside having his perspectives and thoughts and feelings when, say, entering Constantinople.
A French edition followed in 1954 under the title Mahomet II le Conquerant et son temps (Paris: Payot); an Italian one in 1957 called Maometto el Conquistatore e il suo tempo (Turin: G.
Its plot does derive from Knolles, but Goffe stitches together the histories of two different rulers and attributes the actions of both to his protagonist Amurath: acts 1-2 come from Knolles's account of Mahomet II (Mehmed II, 1432-1481), and acts 3-5 dramatize episodes from the life and death of Amurath I (Murad I, 1319-1389).