Maiden grass

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the smaller quaking grass.

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But switch grass and maiden grass? That's a big job, especially if you have a lot of grasses.
The design team replaced what was once a sea of juniper with plantings like blue oat grass (bottom left), variegated maiden grass (top left), and yellow Lomandra longifolia 'Breeze' that abuts the first step; all the plants pop against concrete walls and Cor-ten steel panels.
her inaugural self-- arching and graceful as maiden grass,
In addition, several grasses and ground covers will be sold, including muhly grass, switch grass, fountain grass, maiden grass, liriope, mondo grass, ajuga and vinca.
Growing seed-sterile varieties of giant miscanthus (maiden grass), researchers at the University of Illinois achieved double the straw yield typical of switch grass, a popular native grass grown for hay.
They will look best planted with other fall bloomers like asters, maiden grass and goldenrod.
8 : MAIDEN GRASS (Miscanthus dixieland) This deciduous grass reaches about 1.4m.
RELATED CULTIVARS: 'Yakushima'--Dwarf Maiden Grass. This is a free-flowering form, 3' to 4' in height.
Although these grass species have been around a long time, selections of Miscanthus sinenis, or silver grass, such as "Gracillimus" maiden grass; "Yaku Jima," dwarf maiden grass; and Pennisetum alopecuroides, "Little Bunny" and "Hameln" fountain grasses, took the grardening public by storm.
Maiden grass is a well-known member of the Miscanthus group and is easily recognizable.
Along the side of the house, large clumps of maiden grass (Miscanthus sinensis 'Adagio') are the perfect height to provide greenery without blocking the view from the windows.