Mail guard

an officer whose duty it is to guard the public mails.

See also: Mail

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Examinations For Postman/ Mail Guard And Mts (Group C) Including Pre-Examination
These customers require the hardware platform, operating system, application firewall and mail guard to be evaluated under internationally-recognised criteria, requiring very special levels of security knowledge and development expertise.
If it's particularly dangerous she gets back-up - known as a Mail Guard - although she does carry her own weapon.
Nasdaq: NETA) announced today that it has been awarded a contract from the National Security Agency (NSA) to develop a Defense Message System Mail Guard to protect highly sensitive government communications.
400 message protocol conformance validation within the EAL4 evaluation - again making DeepSecure the only mail guard product to include this protocol conformance validation within EAL4 evaluation.
Earlier this year, the National Security Agency selected Secure Computing to develop advanced Defense Messaging System mail guard technology to be used in the commercially available Sidewinder firewall.
This includes interconnecting the SIPRNET with the NIPRNET, Internet or anything else, or enabling a secret-and-below-interoperability guard such as a mail guard, data guard or data diode;
The CFMCC N6 staff assisted users with registration, and we loaded Classify software, which preconfigures mail guard classification line options for users to choose from.
He escaped in 2009 by vaulting out of the dock at a court in Burnley as he faced trial over the PS25,000 armed robbery of Royal Mail guards.
Moran, who has been on the run for over four years, fled the country in 2009 after he vaulted the dock in a Burnley courtroom as he went on trial over a PS25,000 armed-robbery of Royal Mail guards.