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A trademark for a telegram transmitted to a post office and delivered to the addressee by the postal service.


a message transmitted electronically to a post office and then delivered by regular mail.
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Mailgram from Baker & Higgins, supra note 42; Mailgram from Michael McConnell to Bella Abzug, U.
For example, in Hessenthaler, the court held that a mailgram was a "signed writing" in compliance with the statute of frauds applicable in a real estate transaction.
Once the system is in place, sending a Mailgram, a letter, or a certified letter should be almost as simple as generating a letter in your own word processing program.
We have found a way to adapt the spooled output of Collections Plus to the Western Union MailGram and E-Mail System through our PC and modem.
In a Western Union Mailgram sent last June to thousands of pediatricians, Ross Laboratories president Dick Gast criticized his competitors for hawking to the public.
They signal NAM members to get on the phone, or send a mailgram via The Source, NAMNET's online host, and apply some clout to their lawmakers.
With a comprehensive service, a subscriber can send messages to virtually anyone in the world via telex, telegram, mailgram, cablegram or computer letter.
In addition to enhanced fax services, Xpedite also provides discounted international fax services, telex, internet, e-mail and mailgram services.
Our meetings have ben only sporadic, with inadequate prior notice and without benefit of minutes, studies or essential planning documents," she said in an urgent Mailgram.
The company, which currently processes over two million fax pages daily, provides discounted international fax services and Telex, Internet, e-mail, and Mailgram services, and was recently named one of America's fastest growing companies by Inc.
Consumer services, such as Funds Transfer service and individual Mailgram, Telegram and Cablegram messages.
In addition to computer and fax-based services, Xpedite provides high-volume electronic mail distribution via the Internet and traditional messaging services such as telex and mailgram.