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1. Of or relating to a main sequence.
2. Of or relating to a star in hydrostatic equilibrium that is fueled by hydrogen fusion reactions in its core.
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Where the accretor is always a white dwarf, the donor star can be either a (helium or hybrid) white dwarf, a low-mass helium star or an evolved main-sequence star.
From the final value of T1, assuming the primary is main-sequence, the mass, effective temperature and spectral type of the primary were derived; then q gave those parameters for the secondary.
The new observation also marks the first time astronomers have imaged a disk around a mature, main-sequence star using the radio energy given off by dust particles.
Among the topics are the origin and evolution of helium-rich hot subdwarfs, the high-resolution spectropolarimetric observations of hot subdwarfs, the discovery of a stripped red-giant core in a bright eclipsing binary star, statistical tests for changes inpulsation mode properties, and EO Ceti as an example of a pulsating hot subdwarf with a main-sequence companion.
This would make Beta Pictoris far too young to qualify as a main-sequence star, burning hydrogen at its core.
But, over the period May to December of the years 2006 and 2007, the WASP telescope at Sutherland has made 8235 photometric observations of the star HD10069, known as WASP-18, a relatively young main-sequence object of type F6.
Over billions of years, enough of this material could accumulate in a main-sequence star to leave a core of strange matter when the star dies.