Maine law

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any law prohibiting the manufacture and sale of intoxicating beverages, esp. one resembling that enacted in the State of Maine. At present, the state of Maine sells such beverages in its own stores.

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to remedy from concerns that may not be recognized under Maine law.
The first-of-its kind Maine law states that a student who holds a written certificate for medical marijuana may not be prevented front attending school solely because they need to take the drug during the school day.
The company will file a Certificate of Dissolution with the Maine Secretary of State shortly and effective on the date of such filing, the company will dissolve under Maine law.
Maine law allows a judge to confine someone if health officials demonstrate ''a clear and immediate public health threat.
Under Maine law, the state health department can seek an emergency court order placing an individual in its custody if it shows a judge "clear and convincing evidence" that the person must be held "to avoid a clear and immediate public health threat.
The Maine Law Review also published a series of tributes celebrating the Chiefs accomplishments: William H.
In Hannaford, the court held that certain categories of costs incurred by the plaintiffs were "reasonably foreseeable mitigation costs" and constituted cognizable harm under Maine law.
Twelve states don't have the technology at all, with Maine law forbidding its use by state agencies.
For example, the Maine law says that only licensed producers may make recommendations and enroll people in health plans offered through the marketplace, one of the principal duties of navigators.
A new Maine law mandates that the state's Lyme disease website include information about all kinds of treatments for Lyme, including long-term use of antibiotics.
On October 26, 2007, the Levesques filed a notice of claim, pursuant to Maine law, alleging professional negligence.
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