Maine law

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any law prohibiting the manufacture and sale of intoxicating beverages, esp. one resembling that enacted in the State of Maine. At present, the state of Maine sells such beverages in its own stores.

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The Maine law prohibiting the use of public tuition funds at schools that teach religious doctrine has been challenged on four previous occasions, in both state and federal court.
that the Maine law forming the basis for the federal prosecution was
We reverse summary judgment for MDOC, first deciding an unresolved question of Maine law about the scope of 4633 non-employer liability for workplace harassment and then finding disputes of material fact.
grow room the company founders have set up as they await Maine law to lift the limit on the maximum number of plants the company can grow.
The Maine law prohibiting the use of tax dollars for tuition at religious institutions has been challenged four times previously in both state and federal court but has always prevailed.
"Because the MMUMA requires what federal law forbids, the authority ostensibly provided by the Maine law is 'without effect,'" the Maine Supreme Court ruled.
to remedy from concerns that may not be recognized under Maine law.
The first-of-its kind Maine law states that a student who holds a written certificate for medical marijuana may not be prevented front attending school solely because they need to take the drug during the school day.
The company will file a Certificate of Dissolution with the Maine Secretary of State shortly and effective on the date of such filing, the company will dissolve under Maine law.
Maine law allows a judge to confine someone if health officials demonstrate ''a clear and immediate public health threat.''
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