Maine lobster

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Noun1.maine lobster - flesh of cold-water lobsters having large tender clawsMaine lobster - flesh of cold-water lobsters having large tender claws; caught from Maine to the Carolinas
Homarus americanus, Maine lobster, Northern lobster, American lobster - lobster of Atlantic coast of America
lobster - flesh of a lobster
2.maine lobster - lobster of Atlantic coast of AmericaMaine lobster - lobster of Atlantic coast of America
true lobster - large edible marine crustaceans having large pincers on the first pair of legs
genus Homarus, Homarus - type genus of the family Homaridae: common edible lobsters
American lobster, Maine lobster, Northern lobster - flesh of cold-water lobsters having large tender claws; caught from Maine to the Carolinas
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We support the Governors decision to have the Maine Department of Marine Resources contest the 60 percent risk reduction target so that it more accurately reflects the actual risk posed to right whales by the Maine lobster industry.
Feel like having a whole Maine lobster? Just make your reservation two days in advance and Bun Appetit will make your lobster dreams come true.
They serve gallons of New England Clam Chowder per week & are known for their 'Famous' Maine Lobster Bisque, lobster rolls, whole Maine lobster, fresh Ipswich steamers, fried clams, oysters, shrimp, scallops, haddock or flounder where you'll be able to enjoy dinning at a comfortable bar or inside/ outside courtyard.
THE MINI LOBSTER ROLLS on the Owen's Fish Camp appetizer menu are actually more tartine than roll, but at $8.99 a pair they are a flavorful riff on a traditional Maine lobster roll.
The 6th Annual Super Pet Adoption presented by Loving All Animals is proud to have Cousins Maine Lobster Food Truck, the #1 Food Truck in Los Angeles, to kick off the Saturday portion of the two-day pet adoption festival.
"When I moved to Utah, I started bringing live lobsters out here and it's morphed into selling traditional Maine lobster rolls in Park City."
For example, Cousins Maine Lobster, two very aggressive, competent individuals, winners in every way building their business.
Polar bears aren't the only animals affected by climate change -- a warmer world could soon be threatening that centerpiece of a New England summer: the Maine lobster.
BiCE, a posh Italian restaurant in New York, is confident that its rich patrons will spend more than 2,000 dollars for a dish of homemade tagliolini, two pounds of fresh Maine lobster, wild mushrooms and a generous shaving of black truffle, all served on a limited-edition gold-leaf plate designed by the late Gianni Versace, which diners can take home, the New York Daily News reported.
* L.A.'s Lobsta Truck--the name is a nod to the salty Maine pronunciation--uses only fresh Maine lobster in the rolls, prepared with simple drawn butter or tossed with mayo.
Maine Pasta Lobster Traps were among several new products rolled out during the International Boston Seafood Show in March under Linda Bean's Maine Lobster label.

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