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Noun1.power cord - a cord to conduct power to an electrical appliancepower cord - a cord to conduct power to an electrical appliance
electric cord, cord - a light insulated conductor for household use
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A spokesman for electricity network supplier Powergrid said the problem was caused by an underground mains cable.
Also forming part of the demonstrations at BroadcastAsia2014 is the IEC-Lock mains cable, which incorporates a locking mechanism to fasten it to the earth pin.The connector features a red button, which must be depressed to unlock the lead.
Quantum fitted a 400 kW ABB AC 4 pole squirrel cage motor and variable-speed drive, together with new mains cable.
IT CAN be confusing to know which small electricals can be recycled, but it's easy: if it has a mains cable or uses replaceable batteries or needs charging, then you can recycle it.
Most of the failures were caused by problems with the mains cable.
It comes supplied with a 10m mains cable and a filter for the separation of air and swarf and a removable, powder coated 35 litres mesh basket for the separation of liquids and swarf.
A mains cable had earthed, sending the huge shock through the parlour at Inwardleigh, Devon.
The UK Connectivity Pak includes six telephone/modem adapters covering all UK requirements, a PC/kettle to laptop transformer, an anti-power surge device, a spare mains cable, a UK power plug, the Telespool Plus 4 metre modem extension cable and the TeleTester line tester.