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 (mī-tä′kē, -kĕ)
An edible polypore mushroom (Grifola frondosa) native to Japan and North America that produces large clusters of overlapping gray or brown fan-shaped caps, grows at the base of trees or in cultivation, and is prized in Japanese cuisine and used as a dietary supplement. Also called hen of the woods.

[Japanese, dancing mushroom (from the resemblance of the layered, frondlike caps to the long fluttering sleeves of traditional Japanese dancers) : mai-, stem of mau, to dance (from Old Japanese mahu) + take, mushroom (from Old Japanese).]
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And the roasted chicken gets a delectable treatment with maitake mushrooms, cauliflower and pine nut milk.
Maitake mushrooms had high levels of glutathione, for example, while chanterelles had the lowest amounts of both glutathione and ergothioneine.
SOIN MILLENAIRE ANTI-AGEING CREAM This rich cream has Japanese maitake mushroom, prickly pear seed oil and carrot essential oil to increase skin firmness, boost collagen, fill wrinkles, add healthy glow.
Somewhat ironically, the mushroom that stands out in this area is one not as well utilized in traditional medicine, the Maitake mushroom.
While several hundred mushrooms have been shown in research to have immune-supporting actions, Mark Kaylor, a consultant to East Rutherford, NJ-based Mushroom Wisdom, insisted that Maitake D-Fraction, an extract taken from Maitake musrooms, "has demonstrated the strongest immune activity, even at doses much lower than other mushroom extracts.
Maitake (Grifola frondosa) is one of the most promising edible and medicinal mushroom, acting promoting the immune system against the tumorigenesis process.
Probiotics, schisandra fruit, maca root, green tea extract, spirulina, calcium and iron are also in the mix, along with reishi mushroom, ashwagandha root, whole plant chlorella, cordyceps mushroom, astragalus root, wolfberry, maitake mushroom, MSM, and rose hips.
For $125 per person/$175 with wine pairing, guests will enjoy Vitello Tonnato (roasted veal, crispy veal sweetbread, tuna sauce and caper berries), Tagliatelle con Aragosta (homemade pasta, Maine lobster, caviar and tarragon), Ippoglosso (roasted Alaskan halibut, porcini gnocchi and mustard greens), Wagyu (seared Wagyu beef, smoked sunchokes and roasted maitake mushrooms) and Torta Di Cioccolato (chocolate-hazelnut cake and roasted banana gelato).
But the keen chef - who teaches students how to identify edible mushrooms and cook them - added: "I will make soups and pate, roast, grilled and fried maitake, maitake tikka masala, fragrant Thai hen broth and hen in a pot.
Look for golden chanterelles, orangey red lobsters, feathery white and brown maitake or hen of the woods that look like a homecoming chrysanthemum corsage, as well as many others.
Contract awarded for Maitake mushroom growing facility building construction