Maize yellow

giallo polenta
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"Our new fabric collection for 2018 is full of vibrant hues, including Carnival (a red/pink coral hue), Maize Yellow, Clean Green and Deep Blue Lido, in velvets and linens.
The beads used in this project were white, transparent red, Cheyenne pink, dark blue, turquoise, maize yellow and Crow green.
Earthy brown complements bright orange with delicate lilac embroidery, while a sky blue base brings out the floral detail in maize yellow with off-white embroidery.
Heterotic response of subtropical & tropical maize yellow inbreds across environments.
"The neutral tones introduced in the early '90s have evolved into a whisper of color; to sage, maize yellow, pale apricot and minty apple greens."
The seasonal colors, which are available in solid pieces, are maize yellow and pumpkin orange.
"You can put them in a room together." The fabrics come in eight colorways, including maize yellow, leaf green, onyx, pebble beige and terra cotta.