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Noun1.Maja - type genus of the MajidaeMaja - type genus of the Majidae; nearly cosmopolitan in distribution
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
family Majidae, Majidae - spider crabs
European spider crab, Maja squinado, king crab - a large spider crab of Europe
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The Gita and Maja licences are located west of the Amalie discovery.
Trullenque says that along with MAJA the company's Heno de Pravia fragrance has been highly successful in the U.
Maja, 85, handles the 55 and older set who are just retiring from the work force and finding they're already starting to put new, bigger, indentations in the cushions of their couches at home.
The collaboration between Maja and Thor was made possible through the team up of BEC-TERO Music Thailand and Ivory Music and Video Philippines.
Melendez made it firmly clear, too, that she isn't saying goodbye but only see you later to Maja, who she calls 'babygirl.
So far 2018 has been a steep learning curve for Maja, who has started the most recent two games but was left looking very isolated as a lone striker.
Maja stuck to his task at the weekend but was too often isolated.
The two unforced changes saw former Boro goalkeeper Jason Steele made his first start since October in place of Robbin Ruiter, while Maja started up front instead of James Vaughan.
The hike was the brainchild of friends Maja Kenney and Alex Egan who came up with the idea for the stunt while at a Macmillian fundraising ball in Chester.
Neighbours said Maja was stabbed to death on her bed while the bodies of Olga and Mrs Galikowska were found in the bathroom.
winners: Joanne Harris with poetry competition winners Maja Adam, aged eight (left), and 10-year-old Corrie Leader
MIAMI -- The MAG Beauty division of PUIG Fragrance and Personal Care has been extremely successful marketing its Heno de Pravia and MAJA cosmetics to the Hispanic market in the United States.