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n.1.See Madjoun.
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BAGHDAD - The Iraqi minister of provincial affairs, Kholoud Aal Majoun, will begin a tour to the investment projects in the provinces of al-Furat al-Awsat on October 7.
Also shortly after the contentious phone conversation between Shaw and Carroll, Sheik Sami al-Majoun and his entourage paid a visit to CPA headquarters, says Carroll, recalling that they entered her office and that Majoun appeared upset.
The Minister of Work and Social Affairs at the US-backed Iraqi government, Sami Izara Al Majoun, who lived in the hotel, told The Associated Press that he was getting ready for his morning prayers when a loud explosion shook his room at about 6:50 am.
Because he is already in a compromised position, when Dyar is instructed by Wilcox to collect a sum of money, take it to a money changer, and return it to the office, the reader should not be unduly shocked when Dyar vanishes with the money while under the influence of majoun.