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n.1.See Madjoun.
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"It is important to activate solidarity between citizens and the state to establish stability and the need to protect society from threats and risks," he said during a meeting with a number of elders and dignitaries of southern Baghdad tribes in the host of Sheikh Shafik Majoun al-Jabouri in support of community and tribal reconciliation./ End
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BAGHDAD - The Iraqi minister of provincial affairs, Kholoud Aal Majoun, will begin a tour to the investment projects in the provinces of al-Furat al-Awsat on October 7.
Also shortly after the contentious phone conversation between Shaw and Carroll, Sheik Sami al-Majoun and his entourage paid a visit to CPA headquarters, says Carroll, recalling that they entered her office and that Majoun appeared upset.
The Minister of Work and Social Affairs at the US-backed Iraqi government, Sami Izara Al Majoun, who lived in the hotel, told The Associated Press that he was getting ready for his morning prayers when a loud explosion shook his room at about 6:50 am.
Because he is already in a compromised position, when Dyar is instructed by Wilcox to collect a sum of money, take it to a money changer, and return it to the office, the reader should not be unduly shocked when Dyar vanishes with the money while under the influence of majoun. Even though Thami aids in the successful escape, Dyar begins to have serious misgivings and questions his trustworthiness.
There is a recipe for majoun, a m arijuana jam which the Beats used to high literary purpose in their Tangier outpost.