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The capital of the Marshall Islands, an atoll of the southern Ratak Chain.
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Embassy is located on Majuro Atoll, which is home to the capital and nearly half of the country's 70,000 residents.
Speaking at the annual Pacific Islands Forum on Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands President Christopher Loeak said the issue will be reflected in the final communique of the 44th Pacific Islands Forum that ends Friday, saying he might also raise the matter with U.S.
IN EARLY JULY, navy escort carriers delivered the men and aircraft of VMO-155 to the Marshalls' Majuro Atoll, a widely dispersed group of Central Pacific islets some 1,900 miles southwest of Hawaii.
Reefs near the Majuro atoll, due to the higher population, they write, "are far more impacted by fishing and pollution" than other parts of the islands.
Distribution.--Only known from Majuro Atoll in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (Fig.
Marshall Islands: Majuro Atoll - another great diving venue: 8-10 flights.