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n. pl. Makah or Ma·kahs
1. A member of a Native American people inhabiting the Cape Flattery area of northwest Washington.
2. The Wakashan language of the Makah.
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Tenders are invited for conduct environmental mitigation activities on the makah indian reservation. professional services, including engineering and environmental consulting, are needed to sample soil, sediment, surface water, and groundwater; inspect and evaluate a former steam plant facility; plan, coordinate, and oversee removal of soils contaminated with lead, petroleum, and pahs; oversee removal of derelict buildings; and prepare technical reports and documents.
The co-op, located on the Makah Indian Reservation at the westernmost tip of the Olympic Peninsula, started with seven members, but has since grown to about 30 members.
The town of Neah Bay (about 145 miles from Seattle) sits on the north side of the 44-square-mile Makah Indian Reservation. With 1,400 residents, about 1,200 of whom are tribal members, the town is the center of the Makah Indian Nation.