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or Ma•cas•sar•ese

(məˌkæs əˈriz, -ˈris)

n., pl. -ese.
1. a member of a people living on the southernmost end of SW Sulawesi in Indonesia, esp. in and around Ujung Pandang.
2. the Austronesian language of the Makassarese.
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Finally, Sheik Nannekoe learned of her whereabouts and sent 'a trusted Moor', Abdul Rachman, and a Makasarese boy in a wagon to pick her up.
The Bugis and Makasarese of Sulawesi traded widely, but their political and trade heartland was the Malay-Indonesian archipelago.
23); in 1687 VOC troops marching against Trunajaya consisted of 600 Europeans, 200 Mardijkers (freed slaves, free men, usually of Indian or Indian-Portuguese ancestry), 100 Balinese, 100 Malays, 300 Batavia Javanese, 50 Bugis and 50 Makasarese; M.