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or Ma•cas•sar•ese

(məˌkæs əˈriz, -ˈris)

n., pl. -ese.
1. a member of a people living on the southernmost end of SW Sulawesi in Indonesia, esp. in and around Ujung Pandang.
2. the Austronesian language of the Makassarese.
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Makassar language is one of the clumps of Indonesian languages and classified as Oceania language which is under the Austronesian family.
The maintenance efforts and the development of this language, among others, can be seen in: (1) use as an introduction to the beginning of classes in Primary schools in a certain areas; (2) used as a subject in primary schools, secondary schools and particular colleges; (3) its use as a social communication in some of media in South Sulawesi; and (4) the attempt of experts in language in South Sulawesi to have perfected writing system of Makassar language in Latin letters.
Makassar language spread in the region of the southern portion of Sulawesi Island.