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Noun1.Makedonija - the ancient kingdom of Philip II and Alexander the Great in the southeastern Balkans that is now divided among modern Macedonia and Greece and BulgariaMakedonija - the ancient kingdom of Philip II and Alexander the Great in the southeastern Balkans that is now divided among modern Macedonia and Greece and Bulgaria
Battle of Pydna, Pydna - a major victory by the Romans over the Macedonians in 168 BC; resulted in the downfall of the ancient Macedonian kingdom
Balkan Peninsula, Balkans - a large peninsula in southeastern Europe containing the Balkan Mountain Range
Macedonian - a native or inhabitant of Macedon
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The public outcry and the voice of experts appear incapable of reaching the political chiefs either in the local or the central government, Nova Makedonija says.
With a debt of 5.2 million euros, public enterprise "Makedonija pat" is a record holder among state institutions for unpaid taxes, followed by the communal enterprise from Gostivar.
Former Deputy PM Ivica Bocevski dedicates his column in Nova Makedonija to the two babies--baby Najden who died too early and the newly-born baby George.
23 March 2012 a[euro]" Macedonian agricultural enterprise ZK Pelagonija AD Bitola has approached local lender NLB Tutunska banka AD Skopje with an offer to buy bankrupt dairy products supplier Swedmilk Makedonija doo.
Leo Van Doesburg, representative of the European Christian Political Movement, says in his interview with Nova Makedonija that it is positive that Macedonia is not accepting everything coming from Europe.
Members of soccer fan club "Komiti" from Skopje provoked incident in Skopje suburb on Nerezi, which is populated predominantly by Albanians, prior to Sunday's soccer match between Vardar and Makedonija Gjorce Petrov.
Coach Srecko Katanec has been impressed by the hitman's form for club side Makedonija GjP and wanted him in the squad for their Group 9 World Cup qualifiers.
Of a total of 14,556 trademarks in Macedonia, 79 include the word "Makedonija," 77 "Macedonia," 128 "MK" or "MAK" and 12 "Macedonian".
At the same time, they wrote that "the names offered for resolving the name dispute of Macedonia by mediator Matthew Nimetz: Republic of Northern Macedonia, Republic of Upper Macedonia, Republic of Nova Makedonija, Republic of Vardar Macedonia, Republic of Macedonia (Skopje) are very questionable to them".
** Names such as "Gorna Makedonija" (Upper Macedonia) or "Severna Makedonija" (Northern Macedonia) do not suit Bulgaria, said former Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov.
Makedonija Turist ended 2012 with a profit of 214 million denars or 3.48 million euro, which is 8 percent more than 201, the latest consolidated unrevised financial report shows.