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or Ma·ke·yev·ka  (mə-kē′əv-kə, mä-kē′yēw-kä)
A city of eastern Ukraine northeast of Donets'k. It is a major metallurgical and coal-mining center.
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An exit poll monitor, Natalia Samostrokova, 35, said that by noon Zakharchenko was winning with some "90 percent of the vote and then some" as she scanned the results of her survey in a voting station in Makiyivka, east of Donetsk.
Though the government says it is tightening a cordon around the separatists in Donetsk amid changes in their leadership and desertions in their ranks, swathes of the east are still under rebel control including the big border city of Luhansk, Horlivka to the north of Donetsk and Makiyivka to its east.
Auchan retailer seeks to expand its business in Ukraine, and informed the International Finance Corporation of its need for a long-term loan of $75 million to its Ukrainian subsidiaries for constructing stores and trade centers in Makiyivka, Kyiv and in Odesa.