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n.1.A region in the western part of the Peninsula of India, between the mountains and the sea.
Malabar nut
(Bot.) the seed of an East Indian acanthaceous shrub, the Adhatoda Vasica, sometimes used medicinally.
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As for the wonders of Bombay its famous city hall, its splendid library, its forts and docks, its bazaars, mosques, synagogues, its Armenian churches, and the noble pagoda on Malabar Hill, with its two polygonal towers-- he cared not a straw to see them.
At last, having seen the Parsee carnival wind away in the distance, he was turning his steps towards the station, when he happened to espy the splendid pagoda on Malabar Hill, and was seized with an irresistible desire to see its interior.
She's been at Madagascar, and at Malabar, and Surinam, and Providence, and Portobello.
The sea was calm and delightful, and our minds were at ease, for we imagined ourselves past danger; but soon found we had flattered ourselves too soon with security, for we came within sight of several barks of Malabar, which had been hid behind a point of land which we were going to double.
Bobby Wick, with an ugly bruise on his freckled nose, a sick and shaky detachment to manoeuvre inship, and the comfort of fifty scornful females to attend to, had no time to feel homesick till the Malabar reached mid-Channel, when he doubled his emotions with a little guard-visiting and a great many other matters.
The King of Malabar had shown to a certain Venetian a rosary of three hundred and four pearls, one for every god that he worshipped.
So counsel'd hee, and both together went Into the thickest Wood, there soon they chose The Figtree, not that kind for Fruit renown'd, But such as at this day to INDIANS known In MALABAR or DECAN spreds her Armes Braunching so broad and long, that in the ground The bended Twigs take root, and Daughters grow About the Mother Tree, a Pillard shade High overarch't, and echoing Walks between; There oft the INDIAN Herdsman shunning heate Shelters in coole, and tends his pasturing Herds At Loopholes cut through thickest shade: Those Leaves They gatherd, broad as AMAZONIAN Targe, And with what skill they had, together sowd, To gird thir waste, vain Covering if to hide Thir guilt and dreaded shame; O how unlike To that first naked Glorie.
MGD - Lifestyle Jewellery's first outlet in Oman was jointly inaugurated by Ben Watson, general manager of Oman Avenues Mall, and Khamis Al-Mandhari, director of Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Oman.
Leading jeweller Malabar Gold & Diamonds has inaugurated its expanded and renovated showroom at Al Watan Centre in Doha.
Dubai: Malabar Gold & Diamonds has entered into the Malaysia market, with Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan inaugurating its first showroom.
As per the report, Malabar International, a major aircraft maintenance and ground support equipment manufacturer, recently declared that it has taken over DAE Industries, a manufacturer of engine stands and other ground support tools.
Over 25,000 gold coins have already been won by customers so far as part of the ongoing Diwali campaign at Malabar Gold & Diamonds.