Malabar Coast

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Mal·a·bar Coast

A region of southwest India bordering on the Arabian Sea and bounded on the east by the Western Ghats.
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Malabar Coast

(ˈmæləˌbɑː) or


(Placename) a region along the SW coast of India, extending from Goa to Cape Comorin: includes most of Kerala state
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Mal′a•bar Coast′

(ˈmæl əˌbɑr)
a region along the SW coast of India extending inland to the Western Ghats. Also called Malabar.
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Another comrade, economist Eric Rahim, remembers the building being manned in the initial years by "a Malabari comrade who acted as a kind of caretaker" probably among the many Malayalis who fled the southwestern Malabar coast after the 1921 Moplah Rebellion to escape the British-administered crackdown.
Thankachan Polayalil has been a fisherman for 42 of his 65 years, long enough to remember when fish were visible from land, brimming just beyond the palm trees of the Malabar Coast. Now his boat is equipped with an echolocation machine, but fish still are hard to find -- and the catch isn't nearly as diverse.
"They have retraced the ancient maritime trade routes from the Malabar Coast to the Gulf," he added.
The ships will undertake a sailing venture from Kochi to Muscat, re-tracing the ancient maritime trade routes from the Malabar Coast to Persian Gulf that catalysed the spread of Indian culture to the other parts of the world.
Located on Kerala's fabled Malabar Coast, Kumarakom is in an international tourism hub.
Kallummakkaaya is a popular dish in Thalassery, formerly known as Tellicherry on the Malabar Coast in Kannur district, Kerala.
The Spice Route reflects the journey of spices from the Malabar Coast in Kerala through Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Middle East over several thousand years.
During the Portuguese, Dutch and the British colonial times, Tamils were brought over (called Malabars meaning those from the Malabar Coast of India) for purposes of planting tobacco and indigo within the Jaffna Peninsula by the Dutch and the British colonialists.
Thiruvananthapuram: A good seven centuries ago, Venetian traveller Marco Polo is said to have remarked, "this is a very different place", about Kerala, known better as the Malabar Coast in those days.
Kerala is home to India's oldest mosque, built when Muslim traders landed on the Malabar Coast in the seventh century.
RIYADH: Rich cultural diversity, historic monuments of the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal era, beautiful valley of Kashmir and the tropical Malabar coast of Kerala, tourist destinations in India attract millions of people from across the world every year.
This state, on the tropical Malabar Coast, is known for its greenery and wildlife reserves, its tea and spice plantations and exotic cuisine.