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n.1.A region in the western part of the Peninsula of India, between the mountains and the sea.
Malabar nut
(Bot.) the seed of an East Indian acanthaceous shrub, the Adhatoda Vasica, sometimes used medicinally.
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Seafood, naturally, is a mainstay, as is coconut - in true tropical tradition - which are complemented with an array of spices and culinary influences as varied as Portuguese, Asian, Konkani and Malabari and even Arabian.
Vinod Maniyara, who plays a Malabari cafeteria owner, explains: " Basically, being a Malayalee [I] am fully involved and much understand about the difficulties all the NRI, especially Malayales, [face].
2010) used simple, multiple and nonlinear regression models for BW prediction by the use of body measurements (chest girth, paunch girth, body length and height at withers) taken easily from Malabari goats reared under field conditions.
A male Malabari kid was presented with history of head shaking and swelling on concave side of left ear pinna.
The Whisky Dinner is a three/four course banquet on Sunday, May 29 featuring such treats as Crab Malabari (crab meat with coconut, chopped curry leaves, mustard seeds, tomatoes and onions), Simla Mirch Chicken, Tandoori mixed grill or lamb chops.
From acharyan mutton ularthiyathu, kurmarkom fish curry, prawn varattiyathu, to Kerala biryani, and naadan chicken curry along with the regulars like appam; pancake made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk, puttu; steam cake made from rice flour and steamed in long hollow metal cylinders, boiled rice, and Malabari parotta, the al la carte menu is available both for lunch and dinner.
The Malabari potli is what stole the show featuring tender lamb baked in a banana leaf wrap with pomegranate raita, jelly and banana chips.
22) between Ganjam and Malabari goat breeds and the widest (0.
Malabari, The Indian Eye on English Life; or, Ramblings of a Pilgrim Reformer (Bombay, 1895), 29, 30.
The 'evolved' Indian menu includes starters, such as sundried tomato chicken tikka, tandoori prawn, Malabari lamb baked in banana leaf wrap, and their celebrated almond tikki, which left our taste buds tingling.
95 for King Prawn Malabari jumbo king prawns marinated in a sauce of fresh coconut milk with ground mustard, fennel seeds and spices.
Abdul Azeaz Bin Hassan Moulavi Malabari, Islamic Religious Advisor at Heddem Arts, told XPRESS that the unique herbal Holy Quran was created by Hamdi Taher, a Turkish Unani doctor over 23 years from 1957 to 1979.