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n.1.A region in the western part of the Peninsula of India, between the mountains and the sea.
Malabar nut
(Bot.) the seed of an East Indian acanthaceous shrub, the Adhatoda Vasica, sometimes used medicinally.
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95 for King Prawn Malabari jumbo king prawns marinated in a sauce of fresh coconut milk with ground mustard, fennel seeds and spices.
Abdul Azeaz Bin Hassan Moulavi Malabari, Islamic Religious Advisor at Heddem Arts, told XPRESS that the unique herbal Holy Quran was created by Hamdi Taher, a Turkish Unani doctor over 23 years from 1957 to 1979.
Along with a variety of both non-vegetarian and vegetarian kebabs, the menu also features Malabari Tikka, Trio Seekh Kebab, Meena Bazr Seekh, Seafood Khazana and more.
It is said that the Malabari are still active in restaurant business selling Mee, Roti canai and Rojak.
So I had a slice of the marinara seafood pizza recommended by the chef, some shrimps, forkful of piri piri chicken, some of the French cheeses, the Malabari fish and then some more.
The menu for the dinner was keoti dal, peh biryani, gajar matar, dum aaloo kashmiri, chicken chettinad, fish malabari, gosht burrah kebab, jhinga kasaundi and jalebi with rabri.
Shearer cooked a starter of tandoori scallops followed by malabari champ, lamp chops with South Indian spices cooked in a clay oven.
Moplah is a type of Malabari cuisine from the northern region of Kerala.
95) which combines Malabari and Goan styles of cooking.
Poojary, does not have any surprises, except four new dishes -- the Parsi speciality, patrani fish; the spicy mutton fry with curry leaves ( vepudu ) from Andhra; and Malabari mutton and chicken.
Badahdah said the book, written by Ibrahim Hussein Malabari, a Canadian Islamic scholar of Indian origin and director of the Islamic Center in Toronto, is significant as it comes at a time when Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has been unfairly accused of promoting violence and extremism.
Malabar is obviously anxious that, while looking the upmarket business, it should also cover all bases - the menu, as well as the Malabari dishes, keeps all its options covered by including 'traditional, popular and balti dishes' as well as 'tandoori sizzling specialities'.