Malachite green

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The FDA has placed farmed catfish from China on a watch list for illegal residues of malachite green and fluoroquinolones.
The smear was then rinsed in tap water, and incubated in malachite green solution for 9 sec.
According to the operator, after Ito-Yokado found traces of malachite green during in-house checks of frozen eels imported from China in the summer of 2005, it discarded or returned to China all imported eels that contained malachite green and sold ''products that had no problems'' to other companies to reduce stocks.
The line is available in 10 bold new color shades, including: platinum silver, celadon gold, mandarin myst, concord crush, sapphire night, Aegean sea, stardust gold, malachite green, cherry marmalade and basalt silver.
Earlier this month, Hong Kong's Food Safety Center found carcinogenic chemicals including nitrofuran and malachite green in three of 19 samples of the company's canned pork meat.
On June 28, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the import of certain fish species from China because of possible contamination with drugs and unsafe food additives--including nitrofuran, malachite green and chloramphenicol--which are prohibited in food products for human consumption.
A number of dye solutions could be used, but malachite green (MW 927.
Government investigators found that some food factories had been using industrial raw materials, such as dyes, mineral oils, paraffin wax, formaldehyde and the carcinogenic malachite green, in the production of flour, candy, pickles, biscuits, black fungus, melon seeds, bean curd and seafood, according to the report in the China Daily.
The Green Vaults--Grunes Gewolbe--have been so-called since at least 1572, from the green paint of several rooms, although this is a misnomer, since the 10 mirrored interiors dazzle in red, stark white, ivory, marble, lacquer, oak and gilding, as well as malachite green (Figs.
For those cooler summer night strolls we added a loose-fitting cardigan in malachite green.
Solihull Council is urging caterers to check with officials after a warning from the Food Standards Agency that paper towels containing malachite green - being used in food preparation areas - could be potentially fatal.
He said the ministry has announced ban on the use of malachite green and leuco-malachite green by fish farmers.