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A sweet fortified wine originally from Málaga, Spain.


 (măl′ə-gə, mä′lä-gä′)
A city of southern Spain northeast of Gibraltar. Founded by Phoenicians in the 12th century bc, it was held successively by Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, and Moors (after 711). Málaga was conquered by Ferdinand and Isabella's troops in 1487.


(ˈmæləɡə; Spanish ˈmalaɣa)
1. (Placename) a port and resort in S Spain, in Andalusia on the Mediterranean. Pop: 547 105 (2003 est)
2. (Brewing) a sweet fortified dessert wine from Málaga


(ˈmæl ə gə)

a strong, sweet wine produced esp. in Málaga, Spain.


(ˈmæl ə gə)

1. a province in S Spain, in Andalusia. 1,215,479; 2813 sq. mi. (7285 sq. km).
2. a seaport in S Spain, on the Mediterranean. 595,264.
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Noun1.Málaga - a port city and resort in Andalusia in southern Spain on the MediterraneanMalaga - a port city and resort in Andalusia in southern Spain on the Mediterranean
Espana, Kingdom of Spain, Spain - a parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; a former colonial power
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This new cargo was destined for the coast of the Duchy of Lucca, and consisted almost entirely of Havana cigars, sherry, and Malaga wines.
Alicant, Carthagena, Palos, and Malaga will be passed but a mile or two distant, and Gibraltar reached in about twenty-four hours.
D'Artagnan, his eye moist with gratitude though beaming with joy, went back to Athos, whom he found still at table contemplating the charms of his last glass of Malaga by the light of his lamp.
Her mother had bought a little cask of fine Malaga wine, and Virginia, laughing at the idea of becoming intoxicated, would drink a few drops of it, but never more.
"See here, you son of an imported Malaga jackass," he said between his teeth, "I'd have you know that I'm related on my mother's side to Carbine, winner of the Melbourne Cup, and where I come from we aren't accustomed to being ridden over roughshod by any parrot-mouthed, pig-headed mule in a pop-gun pea-shooter battery.
The acting Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, has met in Malaga with the mayor of the city, Francisco de la Torre, to discuss the details of the creation in Malaga of a Fisheries office of the Organization of the United Nations for Food and Agriculture (FAO) for the western Mediterranean.
ONE of the world's oldest cities, and today, one of the busiest seaports on the Mediterranean, Malaga is most famously known as the birthplace of Picasso.
Malaga Financial Corporation (OTC: MLGF) has has declared a quarterly cash dividend of USD0.25 per share on its common stock.
Our short break was to Malaga, a charming port city on the Costa del Sol which is known for its sandy beaches and huge hotels.
Plaza de la Constitucion Eat tapas like a local on a Devour food tour A food market in Malaga The beach at Malaga
Malaga The mojama - cured tuna - was my personal favourite, like a softer, thicker version of cured ham but with a sea salt aftertaste.