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n.1.A yellowish aromatic bark, used in medicine and perfumery, said to be from the South American shrub Croton Malambo.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In 1942, Ginastera wrote to his future teacher with the following details about his musical activities: "I have been very busy lately because I finished my Sinfonia portena and then I wrote the music for an Argentine film called Malambo; if you can see it in New York, please send me your commentary." Copland, in turn, reported on cinematic projects of his own.
Malambo; two naval bases; and two army installations (see Figure 2 for
1981 La Tradicion Malambo. Fundacion de Investigaciones Arqueologicas Nacionales, Banco de la Republica, Bogota.
Una busqueda exhaustiva en otros contextos: "Basurero" (Crespo, municipio de Cartagena; Escuela Publica, municipio de Turbana; Momil, municipio de Momil; San Juan, municipio de Luruaco; Malambo 1, municipio de Malambo), "Indeterminado" (Cinto, municipio de Santa Marta; Maria Jacinta, municipio de Luruaco), ofrecio solo restos muy variados de corales, moluscos marinos y dulceacuicolas, peces oseos, reptiles terrestres y acuaticos, aves, mamiferos terrestres silvestres y domesticos, no incluyo este singular mamifero (ICAM, com.
The Zimbabwe government has engaged a debt consultant, Patrick Malambo from the Bank of Zambia, to formulate a debt and arrears clearance strategy and draft a policy document to guide overall debt management.
Another is the Malambo Air Base near the Venezuelan border.