Malarial fever

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(Med.) a fever produced by malaria, and characterized by the occurrence of chills, fever, and sweating in distinct paroxysms, At intervals of definite and often uniform duration, in which these symptoms are wholly absent (intermittent fever), or only partially so (remittent fever); fever and ague; chills and fever.

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It had taken an unfair advantage of his weak state, and though it was only ordinary malarial fever, in forty-eight hours it had run him as low as ten days of fever would have done when he was in condition.
She was suffering from malarial fever, and seemed dying by inches.
Bernards Hospital and took their first patients on July 5, 1900 in response to needs in northeast Arkansas during a malarial fever epidemic.
He is currently sharing a cell with 12 other men and cannot eat after contracting malarial fever.
Flies buzz around his face, but baby Daniel s eyes barely blink, while his tiny fist, squeezed tight shakes from the affects of an intense malarial fever.