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Baha′sa Malay′sia

the form of Malay used as the official language of Malaysia.
Also called Baha′sa Ma′lay.
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Noun1.Bahasa Malaysia - the Malay language spoken in MalaysiaBahasa Malaysia - the Malay language spoken in Malaysia
Malay - a western subfamily of Western Malayo-Polynesian languages
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All the five cases of 'taming' Chinese and Malay languages, however, for various reasons, failed their objectives.
One of the most salient changes in Cambodia's Muslim minority community since the 19th century, says Bruckmayr, is the shift from the Cham and Khmer languages to the Malay language jawi and the adaptation of the Arabic script as the main language of religious instruction and scholarship.
Soon after the independence of Malaysia, the Malaysian government issued regulations under which government subsidies were only to be granted to schools that taught in the Malay language. The result was that 78 Chinese-language high schools opted to teach in the Malay language to receive government subsidies.
Some of the collections tests using the Malay language are Fatimah and Mohd Pouzi which uses a collection of verses from the Quran as a collection of documents[3 4].
Roman Catholic representatives deny there are attempts to convert Muslims and say the government ban is unreasonable because Christians who speak the Malay language had long used "Allah" in their Bibles, literature and songs before authorities sought to enforce the curb in recent years.
Beyond the boundaries of what is typically considered the Indonesian-Malay world, a small community known today as the Sri Lanka Malays continued to employ the Malay language in writing and speech long after its ancestors left the Indonesian archipelago and Malay peninsula for their new home.
The majority of the respondents (324) have experienced learning science and mathematics using the Malay language while at primary school.
Each day, guests can take part in activities such as cycling, snorkelling, golf, hill walking, bowling, fish and turtle feeding and even a basic Malay language lesson.
The findings indicate that respondents preferred English and Chinese language brand name over Malay language brand name and there was no difference in response for English and Chinese language brand name.
Twenty-year-old Mohamad Amran Romli died in hospital Friday shortly after sustaining severe head injuries in an attack by two men believed to be brothers of the girl, the Malay language daily Berita Harian said.
The protesters, believed to be members of the Hindu Rights Party (HRP) - an offshoot of the outlawed Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) - were protesting against introduction of the Malay language novel 'Interlok' in the senior school curriculum.
The Malay language " - Dalam Botol" (" - In a Bottle") tells the story of the relationship between Ruby, a transsexual